About the notifications service

Want forum notifications? Start here: Get Notifications

Forum notifications is a feature that Wikidot users have been requesting for years but which is not natively provided by Wikidot. I got tired of this and decided to fix it myself.

This wiki (notifications.wikidot.com) is used to configure a third-party forum notifications service run by me, Wikidot user CroquemboucheCroquembouche. The codebase that operates this service is open source.

The service is not associated with Wikidot Inc or any particular Wikidot site (other than this one). Use at your own risk.

If you are a Wikidot user and want to receive forum notifications, you will need to create your own configuration page on this wiki. See Get Notifications for instructions.

Notifications can currently be delivered in the following languages:

Language Contributed by
Chinese hoah2333hoah2333
English CroquemboucheCroquembouche
French Dr LekterDr Lekter
Italian Luke mcDonutLuke mcDonut
Japanese 2MeterScale2MeterScale
Norwegian TheDUBSpeedArtsTheDUBSpeedArts
Spanish Dc_YerkoDc_Yerko
Vietnamese StupifPotatoStupifPotato

I am committed to making this notification service free to use and it always will be.
However, it isn't free to run, and I pay out of pocket.

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