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This wiki contains subscription settings for a forum notification service.

This service is not associated with Wikidot Inc. or any particular Wikidot-hosted wiki.

If you are creating a tool and wish to also use this wiki as a single source to manage forum subscriptions, please contact me first.

If you have any questions not answered by this page, see the FAQ. If your question isn't there, contact me.

In order for you to receive notifications from a Wikidot site's forum, two requirements must be met:

  1. The notifications service must support the specific Wikidot site.
  2. You must have created a page on this Wiki to configure your notification settings (a 'user configuration').

Wikidot sites that are supported

Notifications are currently active for 17 wikis. See the full list here.

I am currently accepting site requests. If you are a representative of a Wikidot site and wish to enable notifications for it, contact me (CroquemboucheCroquembouche) to make a request, and also let me know if you would like to configure any Global Overrides for it.

Creating your user configuration

In order to receive notifications, all you need to do is create your user config page.

Keep a note of that page. Edit that page to control which threads you are subscribed to.

If you lose the link to your user config page, the 'Your user config' link in the sidebar will take you there.

What notifications you'll receive

You will receive a notification for:

  • New posts made in threads that you're subscribed to
  • New replies to posts that you're subscribed to

See the 'Automatic Subscriptions' and 'Manual Subscriptions' sections below for more details on what "subscribed" means.

You will not receive a notification for any post that you've already responded to (i.e. that you replied directly to).

Only posts made after you registered for this service can cause you to receive a notification — you won't receive a backlog of notifications.

You can choose to receive notifications hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Any notifications you would receive during this period will be combined and sent in a single PM.

You can choose to instead receive notification via email, but be aware that there are extra steps you must take — see the FAQ entry for details.

Automatic subscriptions

You are subscribed to some threads and posts automatically.

You are automatically subscribed to all threads that you started (i.e. that you made the first post of).

You are automatically subscribed to all posts that you've made.

You are not automatically subscribed to discussion threads for Wikidot pages that you've created (unless you made the first post in that thread).

Sites may configure a pattern to match threads that should automatically be unsubscribed from by all users. There is a list of these patterns.

Manual subscriptions

You may subscribe to additional threads and posts, or unsubscribe from threads and posts, by editing your notifications configuration page.

On your notifications configuration page, there are two text fields: one for subscriptions and one for unsubscriptions. To subscribe to or unsubscribe from a thread or post, paste its URL into the respective text field. Put each URL on a new line.

To get the URL for a page's discussion thread, click 'Discuss' at the bottom of the page and copy the URL.

To get the URL for a post, click 'Options' then 'Permanent Link' and copy the URL that appears.

To update or modify your subscriptions, edit your configuration page.

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