Global Overrides

This page contains overrides for automatic subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

Each override contains at least one of the following items, which will be combined with AND, and these constitute the criteria that must be passed to determine if the override will happen:

  • category_id_is: Exact match for the category ID, with leading 'c-'
  • thread_id_is: Exact match for the thread ID, with leading 't-'
  • thread_title_matches: Regular expression (case-sensitive) that the thread title matches

An override with no criteria matches all posts in the given wiki.

Each override contains all of the following items:

  • description: A description of the override, in English
  • action: The action to take upon encountering a post matching the criteria. The action can be:
    • mute: Do not emit any notifications from this thread, unless the user is manually subscribed to it
    • mute_thread: The user who started the thread will not receive notifications for new posts made in it (they will still receive replies to their posts in that thread), unless the user is manually subscribed to it

There will be no actions that cause a user to receive a notification they did not subscribe to.

If you are involved with one of the sites supported by this service, and have a good reason to override subscription settings for all users of your site, contact me to request changes to these overrides.

description = "SCP-EN announcement threads"
category_id_is = "c-1113520"
thread_title_matches = "(Announcements|Deletions|Update Thread) [0-9]+:"
action = "mute_thread"
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