User Configs

There are 612 users subscribed to forum notifications.

Users with config errors

The following is a list of user configs that have some error meaning NotifierNotifier cannot contact them to notify them of new posts — nor can it contact them to let them know about the error.

If you are on this list, see your config page for details about the error and instructions on how to fix it.

If you are not on this list, but a friend is, consider letting them know.

Link User Error Missed
Ama Strovik Ama StrovikAma Strovik not-a-back-contact 22
Blackheartdeckard (8706336) BlackheartdeckardBlackheartdeckard not-a-back-contact 33
ccow06 (6178147) ccow06ccow06 not-a-back-contact 11
Cow41 (8546184) Cow41Cow41 not-a-back-contact 33
CrownedLime747 (3695916) CrownedLime747CrownedLime747 not-a-back-contact 22
DifferentHarp24 (7785805) DifferentHarp24DifferentHarp24 not-a-back-contact 11
Doctor Vivian Elmore Doctor Vivian ElmoreDoctor Vivian Elmore not-a-back-contact 33
DodoDevil (1854139) DodoDevilDodoDevil restricted-inbox 166166
Dr_Cheese122 (7823422) Dr_Cheese122Dr_Cheese122 not-a-back-contact 11
Dr Dr Jake DukeDr Jake Duke not-a-back-contact 22
Drpromo (8481833) DrpromoDrpromo not-a-back-contact 11
DrWannaBeWeather (7857622) DrWannaBeWeatherDrWannaBeWeather not-a-back-contact 33
Fishish (6066968) FishishFishish restricted-inbox 3535
FlyPurgatorio (8497838) FlyPurgatorioFlyPurgatorio not-a-back-contact 4242
Ireul (6477976) IreulIreul not-a-back-contact 11
Jack Jack LupinJack Lupin not-a-back-contact 55
Kayama_Nacho (6623681) Kayama_NachoKayama_Nacho not-a-back-contact 11
leaves_yulin (8710853) leaves_yulinleaves_yulin not-a-back-contact 11
lucafox19 (8506384) lucafox19lucafox19 not-a-back-contact 11
Nerdynob0dy (8462856) Nerdynob0dyNerdynob0dy not-a-back-contact __
BlueGralloy (7869175) NUKENAI SEIKEN CHANNUKENAI SEIKEN CHAN restricted-inbox 5555
PeanutTheComrade (5327786) PeanutTheComradePeanutTheComrade not-a-back-contact 66
pr0m37h3um (3628082) pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um restricted-inbox 9090
RCC_Creates (8656815) RCC_CreatesRCC_Creates not-a-back-contact 11
ResearcherHenryDove (8534171) ResearcherHenryDoveResearcherHenryDove not-a-back-contact 2626
SeraphAlpha (7666338) SeraphAlphaSeraphAlpha not-a-back-contact 33
SilverFox197 (7362841) SilverFox197SilverFox197 not-a-back-contact 11
SmileySonriente (8116833) SmileySonrienteSmileySonriente not-a-back-contact __
AHFANOF (8652844) sonorussonorus not-a-back-contact 22
Sunflower_Spaceman (3770094) Sunflower_SpacemanSunflower_Spaceman not-a-back-contact 11
_s1r1us_ (8164274) SunnyTheBirbSunnyTheBirb not-a-back-contact 88
The The Last WatcherThe Last Watcher not-a-back-contact 55
TrobadorFR (8051387) TrobadorFRTrobadorFR not-a-back-contact 11
x1193 (8051787) x1193x1193 not-a-back-contact 7777
ZComiX (5657010) ZComiXZComiX not-a-back-contact 33

All subscribed users

The following is a list of all user configs on this wiki, ordered by most recently updated, for administrative purposes.

Meaning of symbols in the 'Status' column:

  • ✔️: The user config looks good, and this user can receive notifications.
  • ❌: The user config URL does not match the user ID, and will be removed during the next cleanup.
  • ⚠️: There are issues with this user config that prevent the user from receiving any notifications, which need addressing. The user config page will have more information about the specific issue and how to fix it


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